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TSB Kindergarten Backpack Girl

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Our TSB Kindergarten Backpack For Girls is adorable, kid-size and durable.

It’s perfect for carrying all of those childhood essentials like small toys, colorful crayons, and special snacks, and with side pockets, it can even tote around your girl’s favorite water bottle.

Bonus: It comes with an additional long strap so you can convert it as a shoulder bag!


A great convertible backpack for little girls who enter kindergarten because of its size and lightweight design.

Design-wise, this bag is very nice with its rabbit head attached to the bag with two ears. There are also two small rabbit's feet on the bottom of the bag for a cute effect. Your kindergartener will certainly look adorable with this little backpack!

Made from high-quality and durable canvas fabric, it is dirt-resistant and designed to be comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Kindergarten Backpack Girl With Large Capacity


The preschool bag a main roomy compartment, enough to store folder and thin blanket.

There is a side pocket available on each side of the backpack to store a small bottle of water so that your child can quench his thirst at any time.

The capacity of this bag is sufficient to carry school supplies such as pencil boxes, cases, small books, etc.

Kindergarten Backpack Girl With Big Main Compartment


For all-day comfort, the shoulder straps are padded to give your kid added comfort and prevent any strain.

Kindergarten Backpack Girl With Comfortable Wear


TSB Kindergarten Backpack Girl is protected under our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are in any way unsatisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 60 days after purchase for a full refund.

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TSB Kindergarten Backpack Girl


Good sewing quality, thick canvas fabric, the colors are slightly less acidic than in the photo (which goes in plus the product is more calm and pleasant green, not screaming red)

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