7 Straw & Bamboo Bags To Rock Year-Along

7 Straw & Bamboo Bags To Rock Year-Along

If you use to ditch your bamboo bags or straw bags after summer/spring (because you think it's the only moment to wear those bags), let me tell you that you are missing some majors fashion statements.

We’re going to show you how this versatile accessory can be reworked even after your holidays.

These lovely lighter options promise to freshen up any Autumn/winter outfits.

The Straw Bag Tote To Use Both For The Beach And Little Grocery

The main compartment of this Straw Bag Tote is roomy enough to carry all your essentials, making this large straw bag perfect for the beach as well as a Shopping bag or a lovely day out with the kids. The handles also look quite sturdy.

Not to mention, the neutral design that doesn't scream "beach"!

The Casual Shoulder-Crossbody Straw Bag For Every Day 

If you are getting tired of your regular Cross body bag, we highly suggest trying this straw tote bag.

Why? this Bucket bag wouldn’t clash with anything (match your summer-spring-autumn-winter outfits) and would look fab.

If you are wooden touch lovers, the TSB Straw Shoulder Tote will a great option for you

The Elegant Ones For Work

This multipurpose straw tote handbag is perfect for all professional environments (from casual to more conventional).

The straps that come with this straw tote handbag are reinforced with leather handles.

Another great option for those who don't need/want to carry a lot for the work. This elegant bamboo and leather handbag will be more suitable for casual and conventional environments.

The Slouchy Straw Tote Bag To Stand Out

With this Shoulder bag, you are unlikely to come across a lot of girls with a copy of your bag.

Be ready, to make a lot of envious too.

The Elegant And Chic Bamboo Bag For A Date (Professional Or Not)

Bring a touch of originality and class with this bamboo cross body bag.
Do not forget that the first impression is very important!

How to style straw bag

How To Style With Bamboo And Straw Bags?

Bamboo And Straw Bags offer so much versatility that it would be a shame to limit them to the beach or summer season.

Nowadays, you can take the vintage-inspired piece everywhere from daytime dates to nights on the town.

In addition to the traditional scarf tied on the bag, Bamboo & Straw Bags look good with bathing suits at picnics, they look good with floral or evening dresses at weddings. They look good with carefree off-the-shoulder tops.

No matter your style, you could probably fit one into your wardrobe.

- How To Style A Beach Outfit:

Dress up your straw beach bag outfit with your beautiful swimsuit and maxi coverup.

For the beach, opt for a large size bag so that you can carry all your essentials easily (towels, sunscreen, book, snack...)

- How To Style A Casual Outfit:

With a colorful jumpsuit:

Pair your straw bag with a colorful jumpsuit and adorable sandals to get the perfect casual outfit look.

With a cute romper:

Opt for a cute romper with acrylic earrings and Romain sandals to combine with your shoulder/crossbody straw bag.

With a white shirt and shorts/skirt:

You can also go for a top (or a white t-shirt) and pair with shorts or skirts to make you look hip and modern-boho.

With a maxi-dress:

Pair your maxi-dress with wedge sandals and a petite straw or bamboo purse.

With a mini-dress:

Pair a round straw bag or a basket straw bag, a white dress, wedges, and even a straw hat and get the perfect bohemian look

With white jeans:

Combine your white jeans and your favorite summer blouse for an outfit that just begs for a weekend exploring.

Do not forget to bet on the accessories for the final touch of your casual outfit.

- How To Style A Big Night Out Outfit With A Straw Bag:

Look no further than your favorite straw or bamboo clutch (or why not going for an unusual design) to make a statement for your big night. Pair with your favorite evening dress or chic outfit (you know the one that perfectly flatters your curves), a pair of high heels, and some great accessories, make up on point, and you are ready to impress everyone.

How to maintain straw bag

How To Maintain Your Straw Bags

- How To Clean Your Straw Bags

If you intend to keep your bag in perfect condition all year long, knowing how and how often you should clean your straw bags is extremely important.

But before the panic, cleaning a straw bag properly isn’t that difficult.

Here’s what you should do:

Step 1: Prepare Your Bag

Begin by emptying all pockets and by saying “empty,” we mean that not even one single hairpin should be left stuck in a piece of straw.

And that something, you should do whenever it is time to clean your bag.

Never, ever dunk your straw bag in water. Ever.

Step 2: Clean the Interior

We recommend to pull the fabric interior out (If possible and present), so that you can clean it from the dust and all those M&M crumbs (you can vacuum clean it, too).

Colored straw bags may be sprayed with dyes that are easily removed during cleaning and repair. To test your handbag’s colorfastness, gently wipe it with a wet rag. Choose a tiny spot on the inside edge or bottom of the bag for testing.

Step 3: Start Cleaning the Exterior

Moisten a white cloth (why white? so that it cannot leave any color stain on your straw bag), and start gently wiping the bag.
If your bag is really dirty, use at least two different cloths.

To keep your bag’s shape while you clean, stuff your straw bag with old t-shirts or paper before cleaning or repairing.

Step 4: Kill the Stain!

If a simple moist cloth is not enough to remove the dust, take another piece of moist cloth and add few drops of baby shampoo or dish detergent on it, creating a soapy mixture that will kill even the most obstinate stains.

To rid of a persistent yet extremely small stain, use a soapy cotton swab or a toothbrush to rub on the stain!

Step 5: Dry Your Straw Bag

Let your bag air-dry completely away from the heat and the sunlight before using it again.

- How To Brighten Up The Color Of You Straw Bag?

Now that your bag is completely clean, you may want to brighten up its rich color.

To do it, just take a darker cloth soaked with alcohol-diluted water, and start polishing the straw and watch your straw bag turns into a hot newly purchased item.

- How To Store You Straw Bag?

You should clean your straw bag twice a year (unless you dropped an entire glass of wine on it) before you plan to use it frequently, and before you are about to store it in your wardrobe because you know you won’t use it for a moment.

When storing your straw bag in the wardrobe, most importantly, never store it in a plastic bag, because this woven, natural material needs to breathe! Also, don’t hang it, but just lay it on its side.

Instead, stuff it with tissue paper to keep its shape and store it in a cotton tote bag or a pillowcase.

Ideally, keep your makeup in a sealed waterproof bag within your straw bag when you’re using it. 

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