Collection: Women's Straw Bags

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We have made the coolest straw bags that accompany your bikini and coverup and can be used to dress down a floral frock or silky blouse, too.

The straw bag (depending on the model!) looks great with a beachwear, as well as with a long summer dress, denim shorts combined with a T-shirt or with a skirt and a camisole top.

A true it-bag of the summer, the straw bag has won over the greatest fashion designers. Shopping bag, clutch bag, basket, shoulder bag, customized with pompoms or grigris... it has more than one trick in his bag!

How to choose the right straw bag?

There is, of course, this large basket or bag made of wicker or straw in which you can stuff beach towels, sunscreen, sunglasses and everything you need for a relaxing moment on the sand. Some pieces are decorated with patterns or welcome a few raids of fabric to stand out.

There are also shoulder bags in the shape of a practical bag to free your hands or pockets for our little essentials, all in half moon, square or rectangle shapes. Don't forget to offer some to your children: they will love to transport their toys in style! Whether you're looking for the perfect beach bag or just want to blow a little sea breeze on a city outfit, this item has it all.