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Backpacks are your best companions whether you are a frequent traveler or a city commuter. They are widely appreciated mainly for the practical aspect.

Indeed, they are convenient and can easily carry heavy loads, and keep your hands free making travel, sightseeing, and day-to-day commuting so much easier.

The backpack's design with padding material and adjustable straps, gives you extra comfort, especially when you carry a lot. They are also available in various materials: PU leather, canvas, nylon...

For a long time, anti-theft backpacks existed only for a male audience. However, women are prime targets for pickpockets and scammers during travel! More and more brands have understood the importance of creating secured backpack for ladies that are practical without compromising the style of our biggest fashionistas.

Whether you are looking for a theftproof women's backpack purse or anti theft laptop backpack for women, we provide you with the kind of bag to make a fashion statement everywhere.

What is an pickpocket proof backpack?

Anti-theft backpacks are usually the type of bag that will prevent thefts to access to the interior of the bag, therefore your belongings.

The common security features they will have are:

  • RFID protection: prevent stealing your electronic documents such as credit card or mobile phone information

  • Cut-proof or slash-proof material: that will prevent a theft to cut or slash through your bag in a crowded place

  • Hidden pockets: prevent easy access to your belongings. Of course, put the most important stuff in the hidden compartments.

  • Concealed zippers

  • Locking compartments or zippers

  • Waterproof or water-resistant: This is a plus since you don't only have to protect your bag from pickpockets but also from weather