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Durable, lightweight designs and innovative storage make these Travel Bags easy to pack like a pro.

These bags will redefine your travel experience! 

Whether you are an experienced traveler, for a short weekend or just thinking about taking to the road, choosing the right travel bag can make - or ruin - your trip.

In other words, a short trip does not necessarily mean two pairs of underwear, a clean t-shirt and a crushed toothbrush in an old old old school travel bag.

Travel Bags Made From Durable Materials

Nor does it mean that you have to wear half your wardrobe when you try to check in your carry-on baggage at the airport. And the time for travel bags overloaded with everything you don't need is over when you only plan a short trip.

You can get a variety of lightweight travel bags that match your travel plans, are practical, comfortable, swallow all your equipment..... oh, and are also very stylish and strong.

  • Dimensions and weight

A cabin-sized travel bag is more than enough to accompany you during your short weekend getaways or holidays of a week at most.

If you plan to travel with lowcost airlines, remember to check the dimensions and weight of your luggage so that it does not exceed the limits imposed.

For longer stays of several days, you can choose a large-format travel bag that can be carried in the hold. You can choose between the XL or XXL luggage models.

  • Robustness: material and closing system

To find the right travel bag for your next trip, you must take into account its robustness so that it lasts in time.

For this reason, the manufacturing material is one of the elements that will determine this strength. The most famous is the canvas travel bag, which promises incomparable robustness. However, fabric or leather luggage is also so popular with travelers because of its resistance.

Regarding the zipper system, most travel bags are equipped with a quality zipper that does not risk breaking in a few uses.

  • Transport: with or without wheels?

If you have to bring a ton of stuff during your stay, it is better to choose a travel bag with wheels. Thanks to the wheels, you only have to drag your luggage without feeling its weight heavy enough.

For a weekend getaway, your belongings and travel accessories will be perfect in a travel bag with handy carrying handles or a shoulder strap to carry it on your shoulder.

  • The price

Whether you choose a luxury travel bag, a large flexible model or a leather bag, the travel bag has the advantage of having a very affordable price.