Collection: Animal Print Bags

Bringing Animal Prints to the Handbag World

Animal print fashion trends never really die down; instead they seem to attract a niche crowd who appreciate them more than most people do. No matter, this timeless trend remains popular season after season in apparel and accessories -- even making its way onto handbags this time around! Animal prints add a sense of style and flair to any look, no matter the event or season.

From leopard anti-theft backpack purses to zebra crossbody bags, animal print accessories can add flair and sexiness. From leopard print bags to zebra skin bags and snakeskin styles, our collection of animal print bags features a diverse array of silhouettes, colors, textures, and patterns for you to explore.

This selection boasts designer bags from top-tier brands including Tom Ford and Edie Parker; Zara has recently confirmed that animal-print bags are here to stay. Animal prints are patterns patterned after the skin, fur, feathers or scales of various animals such as leopards, tigers and zebras. Animal prints have become popular trends both in fashion and interior design and on handbags and clothing accessories like footwear. Animal prints make a statement when worn right - from dresses and heels, to shoes.

But a great way to incorporate animal-print into any ensemble from casual denim jeans to formal gowns is with accessories. Check out this selection of animal-print bags that can elevate any ensemble from casual denim jeans to formal evening attire. Leopard and snakeskin prints may get overlooked among handbag enthusiasts, but these silhouettes offer up the perfect blend of texture and drama for any look.

And if spotted effects are too bold for your taste, opt for something less dramatic like a cheetah or python-print purse as an equally chic alternative that remains understated.