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An embossed leather handbag is leather that has been stamped with patterns or textures in order to give it texture and character, either manually with stamps and mauls or mechanically by heating stamps with water in order to apply more pressure or leverage on them. Embossing can create various effects in leather such as making it resemble certain animals such as alligator, snake, crocodile, zebra or cheetah; floral or geometric designs; as well as create various effects in design of floral or geometric designs or effects in leather.

Embossed leather will often look the same, so it is important to remain aware of what type of finish it has so as to recognize it when purchasing. If a piece has plasticky texture then that means it may not be real leather but some form of faux material instead - which tends to be cheaper but lack the durability and patina found with genuine leather products. There are various ways to emboss leather, with the easiest being using a heated metal stamp and using it by hand with a mallet or maul - repeating its pattern over and over until finished.

Another more complex approach can involve using a machine which both heats the stamp while applying additional leverage via a lever such as die or template; although this method may take more time and patience. Embossing leather can be an excellent way to distinguish its natural grain, or cover any imperfections found within.

Embossing can also add designs not otherwise present such as logos and lettering that may otherwise remain hidden by massaging the piece with heat - sometimes this method even works to remove embossing altogether, leaving behind an attractive finish! complete your look with a stylish zipper purse.