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Our diaper bags backpacks provide the style and functionality that makes getting out of the house or travel with your kids much easier and more enjoyable.

Made from high-quality materials, they will be your best companion from birth through the toddler years. 

Depending on the time to be spent and the destination, the objects needed to leave the house with your baby can vary, and their management can lead you through more or less complex situations.

This is where the baby bag backpack comes in, which goes beyond the diapers and allows you to carry and keep your baby's belongings and your own things in order.

An alternative to handbags or shoulder bags, the diaper backpack is appreciated for its great practicality. It allows you to have your hands-free, and therefore feel lighter. With this must-have for all sports moms and walkers, you also have the possibility to carry your child in your arms and be at his care.

With padded shoulder straps, the nappy backpack is comfortable to wear and does not risk injuring your shoulders, even when it is full.

Well compartmentalized, the baby bag backpack allows you to have all your baby's essentials at hand. These range from diapers, wipes, water or milk bottles, hot or cold snacks to clothes, toys and medicines.