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A tote bag with zipper top combines the functionality and security of a tote bag into one convenient package, making it the ideal companion for travel or work as it keeps all essentials organized and prevents items from spilling out. Available in various styles from simple cotton totes to leather and canvas models, when selecting a tote with a zipper top consider its intended use, size requirements of items to carry and whether or not you would prefer wearing it over your shoulder or carrying it by hand.

How to Select a Tote with Zipper Top

Tote bags come in various fabrics and sizes. When shopping for a new tote, start by selecting fabric that will be easy to maintain while meeting all of your cleaning needs, followed by selecting style/color preferences suited for you personally. Depending on its intended use, other considerations could include selecting water-resistent or insulated options as well.

If you intend to use your tote often, choose a more durable fabric like canvas that will age gracefully over time and can withstand multiple washings. Or choose one made from recycled plastic or another environmentally friendly material. Opting for a tote featuring a zipper top, multiple pockets and laptop sleeve is the ideal way to transport both work and travel essentials.

This style can easily fit onto either of your shoulders and features slots for phone, keys and small accessories as well as an interior patch pocket - ideal for work or travel as a concealed carry backpack purse! A striped insulated tote is perfect for days at the beach or pool. Insulated to keep food and beverages cold for extended periods, making this bag great for picnics or beach trips with swimsuits, towels and sunscreen - also featuring key leashes and two exterior zipper pockets for additional storage purposes.

If your tote has been damaged, stitching it or using fabric glue are both viable methods to repair it. However, if its handle has become frayed or has snapped off altogether it may be more practical to purchase a replacement item.

To protect your tote, avoid carrying heavy objects - this could cause its handles to split or tear - and store it away from heat sources where its materials could warp or deform. If its handle becomes damaged, sew or use fabric glue to secure its return together again.