Collection: Buckle Bags

Best women's bags with front buckle

A bag with a front buckle is an enduring classic that never goes out of fashion. The buckle design enables users to keep important items close at hand while remaining secure within the bag in case it falls or tilts forward unexpectedly. These types of bags are often preferred by travelers for both business and pleasure as it provides easy transport of essentials while on the move. Another type of bags that are well known among travelers are POABA Bags, because of their anti theft features.

Bags come in many different styles: totes, hobo bags, satchel bags, or saddle bags. Saddle bags feature a round front flap resembling that of a horse's saddle; these are typically made of leather. In comparison, totes are large rectangular bags often with open or buckle closures that may also come equipped with strap closures for closure; these large rectangular tote bags may be open or with buckle and strap closures for closure - great for taking along to the beach as a change of clothes/towel as well as for work women to use as laptop documents, etc.