2023 Checklist To Choose The Perfect Diaper Bag

2024 Checklist To Choose The Perfect Diaper Bag

Whether for a first child or for the arrival of a little sis' or a big brother, Diaper bags are an essential piece of baby equipment most parents buy.

They are used for carrying not just diapers, but other essentials like baby wipes and feeding bottles and don't forget mommy space! Indeed, if you don't want to carry different bags, one for the baby and one for you, you are going to need space in the diaper bag also for your wallet, keys, sunglasses, lip gloss, and other toiletries you may decide to take along with you.

The Checklist Of The Baby Travel Bag


Baby bags come in an overwhelming number of styles and shapes. Whether you have classic tastes or you are a real fashionista, you will find the one which suits your needs.

Backpack Diaper Bags

Backpack Diaper Bags become more and more popular for lots of parents. They enable you to comfortably carry everything you need while keeping both hands free for shopping or visiting. They’re generally roomy, feature lots of pockets and compartments for extra storage, and come in a huge variety of styles.

Tote Diaper Bags

Totes Diaper Bags are the most popular diaper bag option on the market. Among the reasons, people prefer them are their convenience and the traditional-look bag. Also, tote diaper bags are usually the largest of the diaper bags and offer plenty of space for everything you’ll need for a day out with a baby.

Tote Diaper Bags Collection - The Store Bags

Messenger Diaper Bags

Messenger diaper bags are also known as sling or satchel diaper bags and identified by a single long strap that hangs over the shoulder.

Messenger Diaper Bags

Convertible Diaper Bags

Convertible diaper bags or multifunction diaper bags can turn into at least two of the three styles mentioned above: tote, messenger or backpack... A 2 or 3 in 1 diaper bag!

This a great option for a first-time mom who is not yet 100% sure as to which type of diaper bag is best for her.

Convertible Diaper Bag


It will all depend on your lifestyle, your specific needs and how you plan on using your diaper bag:

- Are you a frequent traveler or are you regularly out of the home with the baby?

You should consider a diaper bag backpack (for a larger option) or a messenger diaper bag (for a slimmer option) as they keeping both of your hands-frees.
Also, diaper bags backpacks evenly distribute the weight across your shoulders and back.

- Are you expecting more than one? 

Double (triple or more) the baby means double the baby gear.
So, you will definitely need a lot of space! Opt for a diaper bag backpack for twins or a  large tote diaper bag, so you will have an abundance of room to store enough babies essentials.

- Do you plan to split the diaper changing responsibility with your partner?

Opt for a diaper bag with a unisex design or If you simply decide to go with two separate bags, in this case, you can buy a diaper bag backpack or messenger diaper bag created specifically for men.

- Are you looking for a work-to-home diaper bag?

Tote diaper bags and backpack diaper bags offer a more traditional-look bag. Some designer diaper bags have a very fashionable look that you can barely recognize that they are actually diaper bags.
Also, a lot of diaper bags are equipped with a separate laptop compartment.

- Will you only need a small number of baby essentials?

If you don’t want to lug around a full-sized diaper bag, a small diaper bag may be the best option for you. 

- Are you the type to quickly become messy?

Backpack Diaper Bags are your savers!
They have a pocket dedicated to each item you want to take along and some backpacks even include easy access pockets allowing you to quickly and easily access frequently used items (wipes for example).


No matter what bag shape you choose (tote, backpack or messenger) there are important criteria that your bag must-have if you want to make your life easier.


- Easy to clean

As you know, your diaper bag will come into contact with a lot of dirty things. So, you better choose a material that is easy to clean. 

Fortunately, most diaper bags nowadays come with these features, regardless of the material used.

- Comfortable & Lightweight

You need padded straps to save your shoulders when carrying a fully loaded diaper bag. And consider all your diaper bag will carry, it should not be heavy when empty.

- Waterproof

You do not want all baby gear to get damaged if you are caught in the rain! So select a bag made of water-resistant material, so that your belongings in the bag remain dry even during snow or rain.


Pockets make it quick and easy to find whatever you need:

- regular bottle pockets
- insulated bottle pockets: to keep bottles, water or snacks cool
- wipes pockets: some diaper bags offer easy access

Ideally, your bag should have easy access to the main compartments so you don't need to rustle through a seemingly bottomless bag as baby fusses.

Diaper Bag Backpack With A Lot Of Pockets grey-backpack-diaper-bag-insulation-pockets


They allow to attach your diaper bag to your stroller, so you don’t have to carry it (especially when you have a lot to carry!)

However, if you are lucky that your stroller has already a large basket, you might not need to worry about this aspect. 

Black Diaper Backpack With Strolley Straps


These are nice to have features:

- Changing pad: some diaper bags already include one or you may need to buy an extra

- USB-Port: for those who need to be always connected

- Toy Hook: to keep your baby’s favorite not too far from him (sometimes very useful to calm the baby)

- Luggage feet: to keep your bag clean and safe from damage when you place it on the floor

Straps for trolley case: a convenient feature for those who travel a lot

TSB Diaper Bag With Charger - Strap For Trolley Case


Let summarize all these useful tips in a beautiful graphic that you can easily print, save or share :)

2023 Checklist To Choose The Perfect Diaper Bag - The Store Bags



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