Best Kindergarten Backpacks For Boys And Girls

Best Kindergarten Backpacks For Boys And Girls

Since kindergarten, the little ones like to bring a "doudou", to bring back a drawing or to slip a treasure of leaf, pebble, branch, picked up on the way. In short, a small backpack is very useful and as much as it is suitable for your little adventurer.

A school backpack for a little one must fit his morphology, must not interfere, must be comfortable and last longer by a few months. Because even for a child of 3 years, a bag where the shoulder strap slip permanently, that has no maintenance and that will be damaged in a few weeks, it is not advantageous.

Remember that a good backpack for kindergarten must be forgettable on the back of the child and must allow him to run, jump without a problem.

Best Kindergarten Backpacks For Boys And Girls


  • Comfort: padded shoulder straps and back. it is crucial that your little adventurer is comfortable with his bag on the back

  • Ergonomics: a backpack must meet certain design and ergonomic features to ensure a good distribution of weight on the shoulders

  • Lightness: as much as possible, choose a lightweight backpack to not add too much weight to the contents of the bag

  • Convenience: Of course, it's even better when your adventurer seed can easily open and close his bag, store and find his stuff at a glance

  • Solidity: despite all their good education, the care that children bring to their stuff, we must face the facts - a backpack must be solid, at the risk of only lasting a few months. Also, the choice of materials and manufacture of the bag is paramount.

  • Aesthetics: Of course, as much as your little fighter likes his schoolbag, it will always be an additional motivation to take the way to school 😉

When your child is carrying his bag on his back, tighten the shoulder straps so that the bag is just above his glutes.

Make sure his bag is not too heavy. Your child should be able to stand straight and take a turn naturally, hands-free on either side of his body.

If he has to hold his braces with his hands and if he leans forward, it's a sign that his bag is too heavy.

Finally, the kindergarten backpack can easily be also that of walks. This will allow your little fighter to always have with him his backpack synonymous with home, travel and especially adventures!


At the beginning of each school year, check the size of your child's backpack.

If he has grown a lot, the bag is almost in the middle of his back or it's hard to put on because the straps are made too tight, it's time to change it. Also, check the wear of the fabrics.


It is necessary to maintain the backpack of your child to increase its longevity.

Indeed, it is better for your child to use clean and hygienic equipment to guarantee his well-being. You can consider washing in the traditional way or pass it in the washing machine. But you have to check on the label if the schoolbag is machine washable


The bags we have chosen meet the following criteria:

  • Spacious compartments
  • Waterproof and sturdy
  • Padded straps and back
  • Lightweight and Stylish
  • Bonus: all the bags include a one-year purchase guarantee


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