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Best Leather Bags For Women For Everyday Use + Tips To Maintain Them

Having a great leather bag, whether it’s for work, travel or everything in between is a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

Indeed, leather bags in some sense are a wise choice because they are both durable and always look presentable.

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Leather bags come in a variety of styles. You need to choose the one that reflects your personality but also offers you the practicality to be used in your daily life.


    Leather handbags and Tote bags are women's best friends for years. A handbag/tote is like the little black dress of your bag wardrobe. From the leather professional tote bag to the chic evening handbag, it goes with anything and will get you through anything.


      In the past, leather backpacks for women have been seen as something that is only dedicated to students, young people or travelers. But it is not anymore the case.

      With all the very stylish models available now, they have proudly found their place in women's wardrobe.

      You can now enjoy all the practicality that backpacks offer (easily handle heavy loads and keep your hands free to negotiate any challenge you face) and look feminine.

      Since with backpacks, the weight is focussed on your back, it is important to consider the comfortability of the Shoulder strap (prefer ones that are padded and adjustable to fit your size for example)

      Crossbody/Shoulder Bags:

        You can find sometimes annoying to remove the backpack each time you need something while sightseeing around a town or city.

        That's when the crossbody leather bags come into play!

        A crossbody bag is a good choice for an everyday bag when you just need to carry the essentials but don’t want to lug around a bulky amount of baggage. Whether you are exploring a new city, enjoying a night out with friends, a music festival, or a day of shopping, there are plenty of occasions when a crossbody bag is a useful and necessary accessory.


          Leather Briefcases help you reach this boss-style that you aspire when you starting your career.

          But sometimes, women have a hard time to find a leather briefcase that combines both feminine style and functionality, since they have often been related a men's products.

          Another point to take into account is that some bags don’t come with straps, which means you have to carry it in your hand. This is impractical and annoying.

          You often need both hands to grab something out of your bag, and you can’t do that if you have to carry the bag by the handle instead of over your shoulder.

          Convertible Bags: 

            Convertible leather bags offer the advantage to combine all the qualities of the bags listed above.

            They are a good option if you need to often need to switch your style depending on the requirements of your day.


            One of the most important criteria.

            You want your leather bag to last for a long time, especially depending on the investment you put into.

            Different types of leather are available in the market:

          • Full Grain Leather
          • Top Grain Leather
          • Genuine Leather
          • Synthetic Leather
          • Vegan Leather
          • Suede Leather

          • The choice of one type rather than another depends on what you are looking for.

            If you need your leather bag to be water-resistant (because you don't want to ruin your valuables, because of the first rain) Full Grain may not be a good option even if it has the highest quality.


            You probably do not want to go into debt to buy your leather goods.
            Consider synthetic leather bags that often offer more affordable options.


            Do you plan to carry a lot or larger objects in your leather bag?
            Do you plan to use it as a carry-on travel bag (don't forget to check the carry on size for your most frequently used airline)?
            Are you looking for a multi-use leather bag? 
            Do you need a bag that will take a 15-inch laptop?

            Depending on your needs, the point is to find the appropriate size.

            And remember that bigger is not necessarily better!

            If you plan to only carry your strict essentials, having the biggest bag on the market may not be the best option.

            Without making you languish longer, here is the list of 10 leather bags that will uplift your everyday look with style and use:


            This large and elegant leather tote bag can pair with whatever professional environment and it is made from high-quality materials to last for a while.

            It is a perfect Carryall bag, ideal for those who need to carry a lot in your workdays (up to 15" laptop, documents...) and comes in three colors from black or blue to red.

            Made from Genuine Leather


            If you are more into the backpack bag, the Bolsas Women's Vintage Backpack will be a great alternative. 
            It offers the perfect balance between style and practicality. The backpack has a spacious compartment to store all your work essentials including a little laptop and comfortable Shoulder strap.

            Top of that, Bolsas Women's Vintage Backpack features a convertible design, so you can go from a backpack to a shoulder bag or Cross body bag, all in one.

            Made from Faux Leather


            As we saw, you don't always want or need to carry a lot, even at work. In this case, the TSB Women's Crossbody Handbag will surely make you happy as a bag for everyday use with its design and the perfect size to carry essentials and little more.

            And the cool thing with this bag is that when you’re tired to wear it in a Cross body style, you can even remove the straps and use it as a clutch for a fancy night out on the town.

            Made from Faux Leather


            On the other hand, if you only swear by the briefcase for the job, you may consider the JQMEI Women's Laptop Work Bag, which brings your professional look to new heights.

            Bonus: It comes with a FREE purse and one additional strap to easily convert your laptop bag from a briefcase to a shoulder bag.

            Made from PU Leather


            Convertible leather bags are a choice to consider when your days out go from exploring to a fancy dinner night out on the town.

            The plan is to be ready no matter what unforeseen events happen.


            TSB Women's Everyday Backpack features detachable straps so you can have a backpack, handbag and shoulder bag, all in one. The bag is available in 5 different colors.

            Made from PU Leather


            Bolsas Fashion Drawstring Backpack has a sleek exterior design that gives it a designer feel and works with any casual day look.
            You can more colorful options among the pink, gray or brown.

            Made from PU Leather



            Why is the little black bag so popular among travelers? Because, considering that they already have a lot to deal with carry-on and checked bags, for their items they prefer a bag that will be the least bulky and the most happening anywhere possible.

            Made from PU Leather


            The backpack features a spacious zipped back pocket to secure your belongings (very convenient when you travel to destinations that are not very safe) as well as a convertible design.

            Made from PU Leather



            With the combination of high-grade faux leather, metallic chain straps, and eye-catching glossy finish, TSB Hologram Women's Shoulder Bag is designed to impress.

            Made from Faux Leather


            If you want something with a more discreet design.
            The bag features a detachable strap and a solid wrist so you can have a handbag and shoulder bag, all in one.

            It comes in several colors (even in pink) to match any of your outfits.

            Made from Genuine Leather



            Moms (and dads too) will find their way with this very stylish maternity leather bag which features: insulated pockets, free changing mat, stroller clips and lot more


            Since there are different types of leather, therefore they are different ways to care for each one.

            The first thing is to check the manufacturer’s suggestions for cleaning instructions.

            Second thing is to avoid any trouble by carrying along with a cosmetics pouch. Indeed, if you directly throw your cosmetics in your leather bag, there is a chance that one day, they will spill and stain the linings of your bags. You don't want to take the risk!

            Here are some other tips to make sure your favorite bags last for years:

            - For FULL-GRAIN / TOP-GRAIN / GENUINE Leather

            • Wipe your leather bag down with a rag to keep it free of dust and dirt. You can use extra virgin olive oil, beeswax or spray to condition the surface, keeping it soft and supple.
            • Store your leather bag carefully in a place that is neither too humid nor too dry. A moderately humid environment allows it to retain its essential moisture.
            • Don’t keep your leather bag near a radiator or a hairdryer. They can dry out the leather.
            • Avoid long exposure on the sunlight to not speed up the darkening process of your leather bag
            • You can apply leather polish to protect it from everyday dust and grease.
            • Avoid putting your FULL-GRAIN / TOP-GRAIN / GENUINE Leather in contact with water

              - For Faux Leather:

              • If your synthetic leather bag is starting to get dirty, use a damp cloth to wipe it or gently hand wash it. 
              • Avoid using heat or dry cleaning as the chemicals could destroy your faux leather bag, leading to cracks.
              • Avoid storing them directly under sunlight, that may cause cracks in the long term

                - For Patent Leather (with a shiny finish):

                • Wipe your patent leather bag with a glass cleaning solution using a soft white rag or cotton pads

                - For Suede Leather:

                • Protect your suede leather bag with a water repellent spray to avoid water damage or visible liquid stains
                • Suede Leather bags are one of the most vulnerable types of leather. So you may consider going to a specialist if you are not sure to clean them in the appropriate way

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