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Best Men's USB Backpacks

Whether it is for school, hiking, office work, traveling, a day trip, or a long hike, a backpack is a staple for any man.

Indeed a good backpack allows you to carry all your essentials around with ease and style.

Backpacks have evolved since their first appearance to adapt more and more to our reality. Modern backpacks come now with various exciting features to make our life easier: anti-theft pockets, water-resistant, USB port...

A backpack with USB charging is a lifesaver when you’re on the go. Once you own a backpack with a built-in USB port, you’ll wonder how you’ve gone so long without one.

Are you a professional or contemporary guy who seeks both style and functionality in a USB backpack? If so, you are in the right place!

We will provide you with a list of only the best and stylish USB charging backpacks for men. 

Best Men's USB Backpacks

HOJA Laptop USB Backpack

As well as having The Store Bags warranty, you’re safe with this investment, thanks to the high-quality materials that have been chosen for this backpack.

The USB charging port backpack offers maximum comfort for those wearing their bag for large portions of the day, due to carefully designed padded straps and back.

In terms of internal design, you’ve got several pockets for books, binders and/or whatever else you need for your day, and a dedicated, highly protective laptop compartment.

  • Durable - come with the Store Bags Warranty
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Padded straps and back


PHIUM AMOUR USB BACKPACK is the perfect backpack for everyday use, and we would go as far as agreeing.

There’s a large inner compartment for valuables that can hold up to 35 liters and also features a 15” laptop compartment.

Whether you are looking for a bag for traveling or you simply need a daily carry bag, this USB charging bag has something for everyone.

  • Perfect for all purposes
  • 15” laptop compartment
  • Large inner compartment

TSB Professional USB Backpack

The 21st-century professional has all of his essentials effortlessly stowed away within this bag’s ingenious architecture.

The inner compartments and pockets are sectioned off for the meticulous needs of an extremely organized gentleman, and the minimalistic appeal can slyly perform casual purposes too!

  • Huge amount of storage
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Minimalistic design goes with everything

PEEKS Classic USB Backpack

Not only is this USB backpack super practical and well thought out, but it also looks great.

The powerfully pronounced layout garners extraordinary compartmentalization is suavely suited for business meetings.

It’s lightweight and perfect for those who spend their days jumping around the inner city.

  • Good looking design
  • Spacious interior
  • Suitable for your business meetings

REO Computer USB Backpack

Style, functionality, and generosity have been stitched together to create this backpack USB charging port. A fashion statement backpack made from top quality materials.

Apart from the designated laptop, the USB backpack features interior pockets and spacious compartments for storing everything you need for your professional day.

  • Stylish and Versatile design
  • Fits everything
  • Safe and Sturdy

TIGERNU Explore USB Backpack

TIGERNU EXPLORE USB Backpack is every man's go-to backpack for those looking to become more organized and stylish while keeping all essential belongings safe.

The interior of the bag sits large and functional pockets for practical and safe storage of items

Walking with this bag will draw a lot of compliments and many stares from your colleagues.

  • Quality construction
  • Padded interior Laptop compartment
  • Storage and organization options


When looking for your new best friend backpack, you surely want something that we will not only look good but also last you for years.

So, let you some criteria to consider:


Most of us carry our backpacks for long days, that is why comfort is an important criterion to consider.

If you’re planning to carry your backpack most of the day, then you want the best quality backpacks that sit on you as if you’re wearing nothing. Plan buying a backpack with carefully designed compartments, great weight distribution, and with good material and thick, comfortable straps.


A variety of materials are used to make backpacks: leather, canvas, polyester...

Nylon and Polyesterbackpacks are reputable for their great waterproofing qualities, Canvas backpacks are durable, lightweight, and easy to maintain. Leather backpacks are also likely to last a long time and have a lot of durability with the additional luxurious touch that they give.


Durability is a highly important factor to consider. Who wants to buy a backpack for 2 months?

Heavy-duty backpacks, like mention above, will be built using nylon or canvas material, padded shoulder straps, and secure zippers that won’t get stuck or snap.


Yeah, you may feel like you’re strong enough to carry any backpack, but a backpack that is heavier than it should be is going to be a major drag to be toting around all this time.

It's recommended to not carry a backpack more than 15% of your body weight, otherwise, your risk doing long term damage to your body.


Depending on your purposes for having a backpack (to the gym, to work, to travel, or on a walk), then you’re likely to need different compartments for each different thing

Multiple pockets and compartments allow for greater organization and make your life easier.


A water-resistant backpack will keep your laptop and other belongings safe from weather changes.


These smart features are game-changer for frequent travelers. While anti-theft features keep your valuables safe from pickpockets, with a USB charging backpack, you will stay connected while on the go.


Since backpacks can be made from various materials as we see earlier, there is no one method when it comes to cleaning your backpack.

The best advice is to follow the manufacturer instructions who give you will give you the cleaning instructions specific to your bag.


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