Don't Know What Bag You Should Buy? We Have You Covered!

Don't Know What Bag You Should Buy? We Have You Covered!

Many women have asked this question at least once in their life: which bag should I buy?

What is the best bag for the job? which bag is best for a trip? or which bag to choose to make a sensation on my next date?

We will not present you a dozen but just what it takes to be on top on all occasions.

Don't Know What Bag You Should Buy

The Multi-functions Bag For Leisure

No matter what destination they’re traveling to, travelers need a bag that’s versatile, comfortable to carry, and roomy, without being too bulky.

Most importantly, they need a bag that will keep their belongings safe and secure.

Women Poaba Anti Theft Bag - The Store Bags


It's the go-anywhere bag for brunch with friends, travel or strolling around the city
It comes in different designs and can be convertible from handbag to backpack or shoulder bag.

The Anti-theft back pocket is handy when you find yourself in less secure places.

The bag comes in different colors: black, funky...

As a bonus, the travel bag is weather-resistant and rip-resistant fabric.

Option 2: if you prefer leather materials, you may opt for this leather version

The Minimalist-Chic Bag for Work

The ideal work bag for women combines a few key elements: it's large enough to carry your laptop, tablet, day planner and maybe even a change of clothes for the gym; it's simple but chic, able to pair with whatever outfit you decide to do that day; and it's built to last through work trips abroad, drop-offs at daycare and whatever else you decide to take on.

Women's Leather Shoulder Bag - The Store Bags


This tote bag excels in style and functionality. It’s big enough for a laptop, notebooks and other work essentials, as well as your wallet, phone, and other personal items, without being too bulky.

Its elegant design and different choices of colors (blue, red or black) make it a simple wardrobe accessory that you can pair with most outfits.  

Option 2-1: If the shoulder bags are not your favorites, you can opt for this work backpack.

Option 2-2: if you do not want to have a special bag for work, you can simply use the anti-theft bag above and combine it with a laptop bag for your professional appointments.

The Fashion Bag For A Romantic Date, Dressy Events, Weddings, And Parties

For dressier events like, say, holiday parties and weddings, something a bit fancier is required.

This crossbody bag is not only made to wow the crowd, but you should be able also to store a few essentials: phone, wallet, lipstick...

hologram women's shoulder bag green front view


This clutch meets all expectations for this type of occasion when we want to shine (without doing too much): chic and effective.

Different colors are available to match your sexy dress of the day.

The Stylish & Convenient Bag For the Gym

It is always better to be well accompanied when it is time to take care of your body.

Whatever your workout looks like – yoga, CrossFit, spinning or weights – your gym bag needs to work hard for you.

Pink Bag - The Store Bags


This gym tote bag has changed the game, with a simple and stylish design.

This bag comes with a separate wet and dry compartments as well as a special shoe compartment.

The material is quite durable, wear-resistant and rip-stop, making it perfect for daily use, travel, gym trips, and much more.

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