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The Store Bags is the place to shop innovative and functional bicycle bags designed for cyclists by cyclists.

To transport your belongings efficiently by bike, it is important to choose the right bike bag for your needs, such as storage capacity, type of attachment, or use.

  • The shoulder bag

Shoulder bags or "messenger bags" are popular with urban cyclists and have a reputation for being durable.

Advantages: Often very strong and waterproof, they will allow you to take something out with ease and remove it and put it back on your shoulder very easily.

  • The backpack

The backpack is probably your most versatile option since it is not reserved exclusively for bicycles and the selection available on the market is very wide.

Advantages: Weight distribution. With an internal frame and a padded back, you will have the necessary support and be comfortable! This type of bag is ideal for people who use their bicycles as a means of transport on a daily basis.

  • Saddle bags

Ideal for long distances, Saddle Bags allow storage in the front, under the saddle or on the sides of the bike's rear wheel.

Advantages: The saddle bags are easy to access and convenient to hold a small emergency repair kit for long distances while the rear side bags are convenient for heavier weights and provide better weight distribution.