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Kelty Women's Drawstring Bag

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Kelty Women's Drawstring Bag is sturdy, beautiful, and has easily accessible pockets to slip your phone into so it doesn't drown in your receipts.

It can be carried by the handle, worn over both shoulders, or slung over one arm without any worry that you're going to rip the straps.

It has a spacious main compartment to fit your entire life—laptop, tampons, lipstick, and all—and comes in black if you plan to keep it at the front of your closet year-round.

High-Quality PU Leather Rucksack

Kelty Women's Drawstring Bag - High Quality Leather Fabric
Drawstring Closure Type

Kelty Women's Drawstring Bag - Durable And Adjustable Shoulder Straps

Large Interior Space

Kelty Women's Drawstring Bag - Large Capacity

Product Technical Description

 Main Material  PU Leather
 Capacity  20-35 Litre
 Size  31cmx29cmx11cm (HxLxW)
 Warranty  1 Year